All Your Flooring Needs Covered!

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is an all-natural product procured by the bark of a cork oak tree. The bark of a cork oak tree regenerates after being harvested, leaving the tree intact and unharmed with each harvest, which makes cork flooring one the most environmentally friendly options.

Cork flooring is softer which can be ergonomically friendly underfoot, aiding in less impact to back, hips and knees. Cork maintains a warmer temperature due to its non-conductors of heat/cold. Cork also absorbs vibrations and direct impact, which is a great acoustical alternative for studios or entertainment rooms. It’s moisture tolerant too, so it can be installed in a kitchen or bathroom.

We custom manufacture cork stairs, thresholds, reducers and t moldings. Also, cork flooring has an added benefit with its anti-allergen, meaning that it is capable of repelling bugs, mites and mold.

Cork flooring does not limit you to design and interior creativity either as there is a wide variety of patterns and color combinations to choose from.