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Frequently Asked Questions


Can hardwood flooring installation be done over radiant heat?

Yes, Engineered & Long strip Hardwood Floors are good for installing over a radiant heated concrete slab. The slab surface must never exceed 85 degrees F in temperature. Turn off heat and wait until the floor has reached room temperature, before installing over a radiant heated floor. Turn the heat to the previous setting after installing the hardwood floor.

Can hardwood flooring installation be done over concrete slab?

Engineered & Long strip Hardwood Floors can be installed over concrete slabs ( not solid hardwood ). The concrete slab must be cured for 60 – 70 days, free of structural defects, clean and dry with no moisture problems. When testing for moisture, Design Creator LLC suggests utilizing the industry-standard calcium chloride test or the Tramex Moisture Encounter (5 max). Note: All 3/8″ solid products may be glued to a concrete slab using approved glue and sealant system. Light-weight concrete that has a dry density of 100 pounds or less per cubic foot is not suitable for hardwood floors.

Can I wet mop a Hardwood floors?

Never wet mop a hardwood floor, this may permanently damage the hardwood floor surface. Use Floor Care Essentials Hard Surface Products to clean and protect your hardwood floor. Always apply the Floor Care Cleaner directly to the terry cloth flooring mop, not the floor.

Can I wax Hardwood floors?

No wax, no mess. Hardwood Floors are very easy to maintain. Simply use Floor Care Essentials Hard Surface Cleaner and a specialty terry cloth flooring mop available from your local flooring store.


What type of tile do I use for kitchen counter tops or vanity tops?

A great variety of glazed tiles are used for counter tops, but Design Creator LLC recommends only specific tiles. These tiles are double glazed or glazes fired at higher temperatures, such as glazes on vitreous and porcelain bodies. High-gloss glazes tiles are not recommended because they will scratch under normal kitchen counter top use. Most tiles are all right to use on vanity tops, except the softest glazes tiles, because of less abuse.

Where do I use ceramic unglazed tile?

Unglazed ceramic tile is recommended for most exterior horizontal floor applications. Interior applications subject to standing water such as shower floors or very high traffic floors.


What do I need to do after marmoleum floor is installed?

You can use your new marmoleum floor right away. Wait at least 5 days after floor installation before performing any “wet” cleaning or moving heavy furniture on the floor or sweep or dry vacuum the floor. This gives the adhesive time to cure and become more resistant to moisture and indentation.


Carpet Care

Preventative Maintenance: We recommend walk-off mats be used at all entrances, a pad to give your carpet better resilience underfoot, heavy furniture should be moved occasionally to prevent permanently crushing the carpet, protect your carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight with window treatments.

Regular Vacuuming: Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high-traffic carpet areas.

Overall Cleaning on a Regular Basis: We recommend your carpet be professionally cleaned using steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months.  

Flooring Websites

What these website are for:

These new websites that were added to all of the service pages was to make life easier for our customers when looking for the perfect style of wood or the perfect back-splash tile for your kitchen. All of these new websites have a wide variety of selection for your dream home. We hope that you find what you are looking for and if not, we are open to working with the companies of your choice.